Newborn session with Matthew

Today i met Matthew, who is 15 days new! I went to Matthews home in Norwell, and whilst i was setting up my portable studio, mum gave Matthew a feed, and then I wrapped him up and he soon feel off to sleep, although not for long!

There’s just something special about photographing newborns. Perhaps it has something to do with those adorable chubby cheeks, their wiggling toes or brand new tufts of soft hair. I particularly love the way they look at us in fascination, trying to make sense of their new world. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that newborns are the cutest little joys on the planet.

Matthew was such a joy to work with, he defiantly kept me on my toes and made me work to keep him asleep but i feel sometimes those eye contact shots are just the best!


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