On the road to recovery…

Hello everybody!

I can not express enough how happy I am to be well enough now to keep doing what i love. After an unexpected trip to hospital i unfortunately had to have surgery to remove my appendix, it was scary stuff! Being from England and living here in Scituate, MA, it’s a little strange for me to go to an american hospital. None the less I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the care in all medical environments here. The nurses and doctors are always so friendly and I feel I get the best care I could ask for! After my surgery I spent the best part of a week in bed, and I’m so grateful I had my amazing husband at home to help me! However this situation did put me back a little bit in terms of building my business, there was nothing I wanted more in that week then to get out of bed and photograph a little one and see the excitement in the parents faces as they look at the memories I captured!

So I am back and I’m definitely ready for warmer weather and to meet many new children and families!

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