‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ – Walt Disney


I firmly believe that you can never learn enough of anything! And with this, i went to an amazing newborn photography workshop, hosted by Paula swift photography. Paula was such an inspiration and she reminded me as to why i love being a photographer and love doing this as my job! The workshop was all day and we started with a discussion in posing & safety, then we have a quick break and then our first model arrived! The first model was a sweet baby girl who came along with her mom, sister and auntie, she was such a sweetie and sleep the whole way through the session! i was able to capture some beautiful images of her, and try out different poses! Then the second baby arrived, along with mum, dad and his 3 brothers and 1 sister! He was such a little trooper and although it was crazy in the studio he did have a little nap, and i managed to get all of the children together with their baby brother with smiles! It was such an amazing experience attending this workshop and it gave me the opportunity to make new friends, refresh my knowledge and most of all it inspired and motivate me to progress and grow my business and continue capturing memories for family’s that will last a lifetime!



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