Sweet baby Avery…

I met Avery when i came to Massachusetts as An Au pair in 2016, she was one of the children i took care of and i lived in her house in norwell with her beautiful sister Sydney and their wonderful parents for 2 years. When i first arrived my sweet baby Avery was just 18 months old, and i watched her grow and learn and now she is 4 years old. wow! Time has gone so fast!

To celebrate Avery’s 4th birthday, i took her to a beautiful location in scituate to photograph her. As she stood by the beautiful trees, i couldn’t help but remember those times in the first few months i was here when we was just getting to know each other, how she would say my name and sometimes speak in an English accent from copying me. All the memories we share, like watching her ride a bike for the first time, or saying a new word, or waving her off to school for the first time, will stay in my heart forever. I think there is a huge difference between being a nanny and taking care of children, to being an Au pair. When you’re an Au pair you experience life with the family you live with, every twist and turn that happens with the family you take with them, and i truly feel i had such an amazing family to do this with.

As always Avery was interested  in everything that was around us, and for the most part i let her be herself,  i didn’t instruct her to pose, i just captured her as she explored her surroundings, smelling the flowers, touching them, and occasionally she would look back at me with that beautiful smile. The dress Avery is wearing was actually her flower girl dress for mine and Michael’s wedding, and that was all she wanted to wear after looking through her closet, i mean who wouldn’t, isn’t it gorgeous? She looks just like a princess!

As we can see from Avery, time goes to fast and before you know it that little bundle of joy holding in your arms is now jetting off to college. Let me help you freeze time and capture those memories that will last a life time. If you are interested in a family session with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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