Baby Kamden

I just want to start this with i absolutely love my job! I get to capture those special moments in a family’s life, their precious new arrival, and most importantly i get to snuggle with an adorable newborn! who wouldn’t love this job?!

Mom had contacted me to say that baby kamden had made his appearance, so we scheduled our session and i excitedly organized and packed all my props. When i do my on-phone consultations, i always warn parents, i will look like i’m moving in, and this is no joke,  i have a lot of stuff! So after arriving at baby Kamden’s home in Avon, i did my 4 trips to the car to get all of my props and set up. As i set up, Baby Kamden had a snack and me and mom chatted about their new arrival. I think it was safe to say i was so very excited to use my new camera and lighting set up and capture this precious time. Once i was all set up, mom decided on a dark blue outfit for baby, so i put the outfit on him and wrapped him up and tried to get him into a nice deep sleep. However Kamden had other ideas, none the less, i was able to get those awake shots with his amazing eye contact. I then rocked Kamden to sleep, and started my session with my different poses. Once Kadem did go to sleep, boy was he a trooper, he hardly opened his eyes and this let me put him in those adorable poses.

Then Kamden’s so well behaved big brothers came home from school, and they ever so quietly played and watched as i photographed their little brother. Then we decided to get the big brothers in on the action and i laid them down on either side of their baby brother, and off i went taking pictures on this magical moment of them hugging and kissing their baby brother.

I so was so happy to be able to freeze time and give this family memories they can look back on, and i don’t want you to miss out on your chance to have those precious memories of when your baby was so tiny. Contact me for more information on my newborn sessions and lets works together on this beautiful journey you and your family are now starting.

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