It’s a boy!

I have always been a creative person throughout anything that I do or have done in my life, and when I found my love for photography it made me feel complete. And then i soon came to realize i could give back in this would by freezing time and photographing memories that people can cherish forever. When Michayla contacted me in regards to photographing her gender reveal, i was soo very excited to be apart of this journey with her and her family! At home in England, gender reveals, baby showers and bridal showers are not so popular although people are starting to follow the trend made by america and doing these parties. So therefore i had never attended a gender reveal, and couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. They had planned to announce and reveal the gender of their baby,  by dad, Alex, hitting a hockey puck with the coordinating smoke coming out.

For this occasion I decided to bring along my amazing husband to help me and when we arrived at Michayla’s parent’s house in Dorchester, we was greeted by their friends and family and everyone was so friendly and welcoming to us, so then i got to work with my husband michael to figure out the best angles and set up to make sure we captured all of the excitement.  When it was time for the gender to be announced it was still unfortunately raining, but i knew that where i wanted to stand was the best angle, so me being me, i grabbed the umbrella and stood out in the rain. As everybody counted down to 1, i clicked that shutter button as fast as i could to ensure i got the shot of the smoke, and as we all watched in excitement, the hockey puck exploded with blue smoke and friends and family let off their party poppers with blue confetti! It’s a boy!

It was such a fantastic experience, to watch as Michayla and Alex hugged each other in happiness, finding out the gender of their baby and I was so happy to be apart of it.

Whatever the occasion is, don’t let those memories slip away, frame them, show them off, and do whatever it takes to have those memories captured, because we only get one chance at life and it goes to fast to worry about all the small things. And most of all remember, it doesn’t matter where you go in life, it’s who you have beside you!

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