you learn something new everyday!

picture of stacey abner holding a certificate from New York institute of photography

The more and more serious i have become about making my dream come true, i have took as much information as i can find and last year i decided to enroll with New York institute of photography ( http://www.nyip.deu ) taking a course in professional photography. This course really helped me grow and learn, and i soaked in as much information as i could. I learnt everything from camera settings, lighting, and the business side of things to. Every unit was full of information, quotes, and videos explaining everything in detail. And then at the end of each unit, i had to complete a project, which i would then get scored on, and the thing that i found the most useful is the tutor who graded my projects would leave a voice message talking to me about how i did and tips and tricks that i could use to improve. I think in the world of photography, for myself, there is nothing more useful then having another set of eyes on your work and giving you constructive feedback. Sometimes i am my own worse enemy, when it comes to my work, and i feel there is always more to learn in this world and ways to improve. I 100% follow  ‘believe the impossible’ as my tattoo says, and  when it comes to photography, that is something i feel so passionately about, i will never stop learning and growing, and never give up! And finally in May of this year, i competed the course and received a certificate for completing and graduating with New York institute of photography, and now my certificate is hanging on my wall in office to remind myself how far i have come!

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