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how to pick a beautiful name that suits your babe.



Although I am not yet a mother, after working with a vast number of children in different child care environments I have heard an immense amount of baby names. So, I wanted to write a little blog to give expecting mamas some tips on how to find that perfect name for your perfect babe.

Choosing the perfect name for you baby is such a fun experience, but probably a little overwhelming to! You may be feeling a little uneasy about who is going to like the name you choose, if anybody right? Among parents who get a negative reaction to their name choice, 46% say that their own mom (the baby’s grandmother) is the culprit shocking right?! I personally feel whatever you choose needs to feel right for you, regardless of who else likes it!

So, let’s get down to the nitty and gritty of choosing a baby name, here are 3 surprising truths about baby naming.

  1. Most couples lay out those ground rules before stepping into the baby-naming ring. The most common rule? No exes’ names allowed. I mean that makes sense, who wants to be constantly reminded of your partner’s former squeeze?
  2. Among parents-to-be who still haven’t nailed down a name, 15% say they’re being forced to consider other options after having a beloved name “stolen” by someone they know.
  3. Found in statistics a whooping 1 in 3 parents admit to hating a friend or relative’s baby name choice, though the clear majority keep their opinion under tight wraps!

Since you can’t please everyone, why not pick a name that you and your partner love? Let’s talking through some keys ways of how to choose a name that’s perfect for you sweet bundle of joy!

  • I think the first one and in my opinion is a very important one is being aware of initials or nicknames that could be created throughout your child’s life. Sometimes people love having a nick name for their child and most are cute ones, however just be careful that if a nickname can be made, is not something your child or you would not like!
  • Make a family tree, you might be surprised what you could find about your relative’s names. This could also be a fun way to have a family connection. And with some old names making a comeback you could be right on trend with a name your baby will grow to love and be proud of.
  • Make sure its easy to spell and pronounce. With new and unique names being given to their baby every day, and most seem adorable but I think it’s wise to be sure you’re not creating a burden for your child to deal with.
  • Most parents love to choose a name that has a special meaning or association. There are tons of names that have a beautiful meaning to them, and most can be found through an internet search or in books. Some examples are Sophia: Wise. Emma: Whole or complete. Ethan: Strong Daniel: Attractive.

Found through statistics, here are the top 15 baby names for 2018 so far.

Rank Girl Boy
1 Emma Liam
2 Olivia Noah
3 ava Oliver
4 Isabella Mason
5 Sophia Logan
6 Amelia Lucas
7 Mia Elijah
8 Charlotte Ethan
9 Harper James
10 Mila Aiden
11 aria carter
12 Ella Jackson
13 Evelyn Alexander
14 Avery Sebastien
15 Abigail Michael

I hope you expecting mamas find my information useful throughout this precious journey you are now starting.

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