Child development 3-6 mnths

Over the years I have learnt a lot about child development from studying it but also learning through the vast number of children I have worked with, and I just want to start this off with every child is different, every child develops at different speeds and in different ways. Let’s face it, if we were all the same this world we live in would be a boring place? All information in this blog is from educational books, classes I have attended and supplies I have learnt over the years but also the opinion of myself, please consider this when reading through my article.

The fun stuff:

Babies aged between 3-6 months can be so enjoyable and its so exciting for everyone around to see their baby grow and learn new things every day. Think about how far they have come in the last few months, and time goes so fast right? And by this point your baby is starting to get a sense of this beautiful world and all the people around them. Usually babies around this age mark will smile a lot and will laugh out loud and maybe even squeal with delight, and I’m sure you will be smiling and laughing with your baby to!

The milestones:

Some motor milestones you may see from your baby is being able to use their hands to support themselves whilst sitting, they may be able to roll from back to tummy and tummy to back and reach for their tiny toes whilst on their back. Some of the sensory milestones you may see developing could be, they are able to use their hands to explore toys, they are generally happy when they are not hungry or tired and will enjoy a variety of movements. By this age your baby may show signs of interest in food and may begin to eat cereals and pureed foods, they may be able to move pureed food from front of their mouth to the back. Your baby may love musical toys as they are more used to different sounds and noises, and they may enjoy playing with toys of varied textures also.


Some safety notes to ensure you are aware of, your baby can now grasp some small objects and put them in their mouth, which means that they may swallow them or may cause them to choke. Also, babies can often roll over by the time they are 4/5 months and can get into danger quickly, so it’s important to remember to never leave your baby alone unless they are in a safe place and cannot roll off a surface and fall.


It’s important to note that these milestones are from 3-6 months of age, and every baby is different, and some develop at different speeds then others, however if you have any concerns over your baby’s development it is best to contact your doctor.

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