Baby photographer explains child development for 9-12 months

Child development 9-12 months

Child development 9-12 months



Over the years I have learnt a lot about child development from studying it but also learning through the vast number of children I have worked with in day care centers and by being a baby photographer. So I just want to start this off with every child is different, every child develops at different speeds and in different ways. Let’s face it, if we were all the same this world we live in would be a boring place wouldn’t it? All information in this blog is from educational books, classes I have attended and supplies I have learnt over the years but also the opinion of myself. Please consider this when reading through my article.

Stop growing!!

Wow, hasn’t your baby grown so fast? Time flies by with the blink of an eye and now your sweet baby is learning more and more everyday! The break through in motor development at this age is that they will start to move around. So this means parents you need to have eyes in the back of your head, and i’m not joking! They may start by pulling themselves up, and pulling along with their arms, rolling around or crawling on all fours. I’m not going to give you a lecture on safety, but i will say that its an important issue now. So get ready as you will need to completely baby prof your house and i mean everything. Things that you wouldn’t even think that they could reach or grab, trust me they will. Life is becoming so much more exciting for them and they just want to explore. Your sweet baby may even take their first steps through these months which is a memory you will never forget. But like stated before every baby develops at different stages so if they are not walking yet, its no big deal, they will do so in their own time.


What did you say?

You may find you self starting to understand baby talk. I have worked with so many different baby’s and at the beginning of when they start talking they all have their own little language. This is them trying to copying what the adults around them are saying. Your baby will understand the idea of conversation and even though they may not have any recognizable words, they will ‘chat’ with the right voice inflections. As with walking, their first word you will never forget, and surprisingly many baby’s first word may be the word ‘no’. Although i know we all hope for mom or dad as their first word. your baby probably hears the word no frequently as they try to explore this world, unknowingly something may be dangerous.


Oh baby what big eyes you have!

What’s that thing that is constantly on a parents mind? oh yeah…..sleep! I know your super tired but your sweet babe is still excited about life and what that day will bring to them. A baby of the age around 9 months, will typically sleep about 14-15 hours per day. Eleven hours of those are at night. About three hours are divided between two daytime naps. The good news is about 70% of nine months old will sleep about 8-12 hours at night without waking up. However the bad news for some is that their baby is just far to excited and doesn’t want to sleep through the night, even if you might want them to! But don’t let this get you down, your sweet babe doesn’t need to sleep through the night. In a 9-month-old, sleep regression is common. Because baby’s learning new skills, such as crawling, pulling herself up to stand and cruising, she might decide she wants to practice them… in the middle of the night. Some older babies might decide they simply miss mom or dad!


Time to get messy!

As your baby grows through these months, their diet will change also,  and then comes the time to get messy! Now that baby’s working on their pincer grasp, finger foods are a go. You can offer soft cooked veggies cut into small pieces, bits of banana or small cooked pasta pieces. Be prepared that sometimes this can get messy depending on what you feed your baby. But with safety in mind, be experimental, try it out and see if they like it!


A birthday you will never forget!

As your baby’s first birthday is soon approaching, why not celebrate in style?!  A cake smash is to much fun for you and your babe to miss out on. We can stylize the session to be whatever theme you wish whether that be mickey mouse, princess, star wars, any theme you can think off! What is cuter then a baby eating the yummiest cake and just getting messy? Cake smash not for you? let’s capture those sweet portraits of them, at your home or their favorite park!

It’s important to note that these milestones are from 9-12 months of age, and every baby is different, and some develop at different speeds then others, however if you have any concerns over your baby’s development it is best to contact your doctor.

Contact me for more information on the sessions that I offer for baby photography and lets works together on this beautiful journey you and your family are now starting.

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