Newborn & child photographer explains daycare vs stay at home parent

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From being a newborn & child photographer and from working in numerous child care environments I have watched children develop each in their own way. And I want to make clear that whatever your choice may be this is certainly your own choice as their parent. There is no wrong answer! This blog post is intending to give parents an insight into the pro’s and cons of both sides!

So, let’s talk about the pros of day care!

Of course, there are many pros of taking your child to day care such as a regular schedule with activities, time with peers and interaction with other adults, to name a few. All staff members in day care centers are usually trained to a level in childhood development and safety.  And most good daycare centers include a nice mix of activities during the day to teach different skills. These would include singing, dancing, and storytelling. Your child’s teacher at a day care will provide stimulating activities and track your child development. They will also provide parental support and keep you up to date of what your child did during the day.  A big pro of sending your child to day care is that you will not have to worry about a teacher being sick. Whereas if you have a nanny you would have to have a backup plan if your nanny becomes sick and cannot work.

But what are the cons of a day care?

But what about the disadvantages of a day care. Firstly, and most importantly is the cost. Many parents find the cost of sending their child to day care so high that they may find it simple is not worth them going to go work to pay to send their child to daycare. Additionally, you may find that your child may become ill more often. Illnesses spread like wild fire in a day care center, especially if a child is at daycare whilst still sick. However, if you send your child to daycare, you will have to arrange your work hours around what hours the daycare is open which is where a tricky situation can arise if you need to work but your daycare is closed.

Stay at home mommy pro’s

A huge pro of being a stay at home parent is that you will always be there whenever your child needs you. You can focus 100% of your time and energy on your children because you’re not worried about work deadlines, what your boss will say or workplace stress. Being at stay at home parent can be so rewarding, as you are raising your child, you determine what they eat, their schedule, and the values they are taught. You also are fully responsible for their safety. And let’s be honest, money makes the world go around and with being a stay at home parent you do not have to cover the cost of daycare.

The cons of a stay at home mom or dad

For some people a huge con of being a stay at home parent is loneliness, especially if your used to be around lots of people with a busy environment at work. Also, as your child grows into toddler hood and becomes more active and social, they will miss out on the automatic socialization that happens in daycare and other group care situations. Some stay-at-home parents find that after a certain age, providing enough stimulation is challenging. And of course, although it’s a pro to not be spending money on daycare, however if you stay at home obviously you will have a decrease of income. Some stay at home parents say that they become a little frustrated as they get no time to themselves. There is no lunch or coffee break when you are a stay at home parent, and by the end of the day you can get pretty worn out.

Be unique. Be you.

Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. Every child is different, and every family is different. Do some more research and figure out what is best for your family and child, there is no wrong answer whether you stay at home or your child goes to day care.

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