About Me

I’m a hard-working wife, animal lover also beauty fashion, food, and creative guru. Phew! Yes, I am always busy doing something!

I am originally from a small farm town called Chatteris, which is 2 hours north of London, England. I have always loved working and being around children, and I decided to take the next step and I studied children’s care, learning, and development at Cambridge Regional College. Then I realized there was more to this world than the small town I lived in, and I decided to take the leap and traveled around different country’s teaching English and taking care of children, first China, Madrid, and then Greece, and then I jumped across the pond and came here to Massachusetts.

Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind it, I always love being creative. After my husband Michael purchased a camera, I picked it up and had a try and soon fell in love. Being a photographer makes me see the world differently and notice the small beautiful things in this world that I used to take for granted every day

In this world, life goes too quickly, years flash by with a blink, one minute your holding your little bundle of joy and the next they are off to college. I don’t want you to miss those precious times and Stacey Abner photography is all about freezing the moments that make our heart happy and using them to tell a story about you and your family. I wish for you to look up at the picture in a frame hanging on your wall that I captured for you, and remember that time when they were so small or the quirky habit they had that made them that person. I have experience will all ages, so when I take your bundle of joy to capture those memories you know your child can feel safe with me. I have watched the smiles as I click my shutter button, the laughter, and the tears of happiness when they see my artwork, and I wish to continue to do this for you and your family.