About Me

portrait photographer

I would have never of guessed something like this would of happened to me. I’m just a women, born & raised in a small farm town in England, following my dream in this beautiful country, America. I’m a creative, animal lover & blogger. If i don’t have my camera in my hand, you’ll either find me with my family & friends, taking long nature walks or at hobby lobby with my husband in tow.

Ive always worked with children & i’ve always wanted to for as long as i can remember, their little faces and their laughs warm my soul. After graduating Cambridge regional college back home in England, I traveled and explored around  Beijing, Europe and then i found my ‘home’ in Massachusetts in 2017. I was an Au pair for two years for  a beautiful family of 2 girls, sadly my contract finished with them, but this left with fire in my soul that i knew i had ignite. This is when photography became every part of my life.

Watch me on my journey of creating my legacy & let me follow you and your family, telling your story, of the moments that make your heart happy.